Tulay’s Top 10 Picks

Growing up on the Mediterranean coast, my Mom and I always liked to explore cooking something different. I still continue that tradition. This time adding wine and spirits makes it even more delightful!

For a summer vegetable appetizer, I like to enjoy Provence Rosé or if I want bubbles then I am totally opening Steininger Zweigelt Bubbly Rosé. I also like to grill chicken and pair with my new favorite white from Portugal, Titular Reserve Branco or with red let’s have a glass of Saint Roch Red Blend. When it comes to seafood, traditionally in Turkey where I’m from, we love to have ouzo with seafood dishes. We have Turkish Raki called Yeni Raki (anisette and licorice flavors) in stock. It is dry and little bit of ice or water will make just perfect.

If you are a fan of Vodka, this summer, I will be exploring Crop Meyer Lemon Vodka. it’s organic and I love anything with lemon. I cook with lemon and olive oil a lot so this will just be perfect if I want some munchies dressed with lemon and olive oil. When it comes to making margaritas for your weekend gatherings, I like to spice mine up with Mezcal instead of Tequila. I like to use our private label Ensamble Mezcal. Little smoky flavors and smoothness of the Mezcal will give a outstanding flavors to your margarita. Garnish it with grilled slice of lemon or lime.

After dinner, I love having my favorite Amaro Nonino. If I want old fashioned, then I like to make mine with Whistle Pig Rye and caramelized orange slices. I hope you enjoy my suggestions.