Vineyard Spotlight: Finca SOPHENIA – Wines of Argentina

While there is much diversity in the winemaking industry, there are a few common threads found within this vast community that unite vineyards across the globe. There is the respect for the land and terroir. The love for farming and agriculture. Most importantly, there are often deep roots in culture, pride, and family. We are overjoyed to introduce you to one of our favorite family-owned wineries – a producer who embodies the true spirit of winemaking –Finca SOPHENIA of Argentina!

Roberto Luka, the man and inspiration behind Finca SOPHENIA, has had an illustrious and well-known career in the wine industry. Prior to founding the vineyard, he was a managing director at a top wine exporting companies within Argentina, and was also the President of Wines of Argentina. It wasn’t until the late nineties that he founded Finca SOPHENIA – naming it after his two daughters, Sophia and Eugenia.

Upon starting the vineyard, Luka had goals of success. To achieve this, he invested in only the best, while honoring practices of sustainability. Finca SOPHENIA’ s vineyards were planted across 130 hectares of arguable some of the best untouched soil within an appellation known as Gualtallary, Tupungato, Mendoza – along the Andes mountains. This is one of most prestigious regions within the country for high-quality winemaking. The high altitude, and sandy, rocky soil has wonderful natural drainage.

In addition to the mineral-packed soil, the ideal microclimate here contributes to the slow ripening of grapes, enabling them to reach beautiful concentration, flavors, and aromas. Acidity tends to be soft, lending to wines with good structure and unique tannic texture. In addition to the native varietals found in Argentina, Luka also planted some French clones, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. According to Luka himself, “we are privileged to be pioneers in the cultivation of these lands, giving life to the terroir from which our wines arise.” They are recognized worldwide (being sold in 25 different counties) and have won countless awards praising both their quality and style.

We truly admire the groundbreaking practices instilled in the Finca SOPEHNIA vineyard, and are proud to carry their beautiful wines in our store. Some of our favorites include:

From the Altosur Collection:

Chardonnay – This wine is a beautiful hue of golden yellow with striking intensity. On the bouquet, you’ll find notes of tropical fruit (including pineapple, mango, and peach). This palate is soft and delicate, with both citric and mineral hints. It is light in the mouth and presents a sweet and concentrated start. It is balanced, with a long, pleasant, finish. Try pairing it with pineapple shrimp fried rice, grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, or citrus salads.

Cabernet Sauvignon – A wonderful representation of what foreign grapes can achieve on new soil. It is dark, bold, and brooding in color. These reflections are shown again on both the nose and palate, showcasing hints of blackberry, chocolate, and pepper. The finish is smooth and lingering, with a soft tannin structure. Try pairing it with bone-in ribeye steaks, bell peppers stuffed with ground turkey, or lamb chops.

Bonarda – A gorgeous native varietal, this grape is comparable to its cousin, the well-known Malbec. It is violet-red in color with fuchsia reflections. It has an intense aromatic expression of fresh plum and strawberry fruit, amalgamated with minty and spicy notes. The palate is lineal, mineral with fresh acidity. It is very persistent and balanced. Try pairing it with Guinness braised steak tips, short ribs, or Korean BBQ.

Malbec – One of Argentina’s most famous varietals! It is intense, with aromas of fruit – cherry, blackberry and fresh plums, combined with spicy and floral notes. On the palate, its sweet and round tannins increase the feeling of fruitiness and balance. Good intensity, concentration and persistence. An absolute gem! Try pairing it with paella, veal parmesan, or steak tacos.

And from Finca SOPHENIA’s estate collection:

Sophenia Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – Deep and complex notes of black fruits and pepper show on the nose. The taste is elegant with great structure and body from its 10-12 months in mostly French oak barrels with a small proportion in American oak. Silky tannins and balanced acidity gives it a lot of freshness. Only manual harvest occurs with a selection of plots chosen for their quality performance and expression.

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