A note from the winemaker: Brilliantly clear and is pale, youthful gold with the slightest hints of peach. This wine was whole cluster pressed on the day of picking and then racked to a stainless steel tank for primary fermentation, after which it was racked to neutral French tight-grain oak barrels for élevage and malolactic fermentation. 2019 was very, very good to this block of vines, though the yields were down. The nose reminds me of some Puligny’s I’ve had. Not literally, but of the feeling I have often have. It’s hard to articulate, but it’s this delicate wild vanilla and creamy fruit type of aroma, without it being from barrels. The mineral nose has a roundness or curves to it that is not all soft. The mouth has plenty of acidity to carry this delicious, bone-dry Pinot blanc through to a long finish, and the more I try to write about this wine, the more elusive it becomes. It feels alpine and pristine but also has warmth and feels warming to the heart.

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Food Pairings: Seafood, Clams + Pasta, or Cheese Plates.

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