A note from the winemaker: Located at the end of the Plateau de Brossay, which is unique to Saumur in that it does not have limestone. The site is slightly convex with fresh and windy exposure. It is covered in biodiversity and no chemicals are used in the vineyard.

A note from Wine Advocate (92 Points): The Fosse-Sèche Eolithe is absolutely beautiful again in its purity, freshness and iron-scented floral and fruity expression of violets and licorice as well as perfectly ripe cherries, cranberries, black and red currants and black berries. Pure, fresh and silky on the palate, with delicate tannins and the gorgeously ripe and immaculate juice of ripe black berries, cassis and cherries again, this former Saumur, now Vin de France, is one of my favorite bistro red wines from planet wine. It’s impossible not to love it. The maceration is rather short ( three to 15 days), and the aging in concrete takes 14 months.

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Food Pairings: Rib eye, filet mignon, or roasted duck breast.

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