A dry cider of character made with wild crab apples. This cider drinks with a memorable drinking experience. Aged for months in neutral white oak casks, this naturally sparkling heritage cider is round and bright.

About the Cidery: A new cider called Turncoat made with Jamestown, Rhode Island-grown apples. Owners Abby Jenkins and Jeff Boal are only the sixth custodians of the historic Fox Hill Farm in Jamestown in its 350-year history. The saltwater farm belonged to the family of Benedict Arnold, a rather notorious figure in early American history. Employing 16 heritage cider varieties—including Golden Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Harrison, Arkansas Black, Whitney and Roxbury Russet—Turncoat! farms organically and follows low-intrusion fermentation techniques to add great character to their small-batch production. Three of its Turncoat! ciders are available in 500-ml bottles with cork and cage: Madeira Cask Dry Cider, a dry sparkling cider aged for months in Madeira casks; English Tradition Semi-Dry Cider, a dry cider of character made with wild Wickson, Whitney, Chestnut and Dolgo crab apples aged for months in neutral white oak casks; and American Heritage Semi-Sweet Cider, a naturally sparkling heritage cider made with Roxbury Russet and Golden Russet apples, some of the oldest American cider apple fruit, sweetened by blending late-maturing Arkansas Black apples.

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