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Bodegas Baron has a range of four Amontillados, this Amontillado Micaela is the youngest (around 4-5 years of age) together with the Pino Viejo (same age). There’s also an older Amontillado Xixarito (15 years) and Amontillado Soluqua (30+ years).

As an Amontillado it ages under flor during the first few years. After that it is fortified again, eliminating the flor and provoking a period of oxidative ageing. It should be great with jamón ibérico, grilled asparagus or anything with mushrooms.

Nose: nutty notes (hazelnuts, praline, salted peanuts) as well as some warm wood (including a hint of vanilla) but also a saline, coastal note. Toasted almonds, minerals, a hint of cocoa. Just a light meaty element as well. There’s a nice tension between the round side and the coastal Sanlúcar character.

Mouth: crisp onset, with a silky / glyceric texture and a hint of caramel. Lacks a bit of punch in the middle but gains strength after a while, showing a light peppery touch, plenty of nuts (almonds, walnuts) and some coastal notes. Burnt sugar. Rather long aftertaste on wood, dried apricots and hints of turrón.

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Pair with: Sweet desserts and cheeses.

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