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Gift Baskets

Some of the best wine & champagne gifts come in baskets! Giving a gift to colleagues, friends or family has never been easier! The Savory Grape offers themed gift baskets to fit your budget. We craft each one and adorn them with handmade bows. Just tell us what you want the card to say. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Looking for a custom and/or fine wine gift basket? Call us in store at 401-886-9463 and we’ll help bring your vision to life. 

Please note: There is a 24-48-hour lead time for all online wine basket orders (in non-holiday time). If you need same day purchasing or delivery, please call a Savory Grape team member at 401-886-9463. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee same day orders & delivery.

In-store pick-up, Rhode Island delivery or out-of-state shipping are available (restrictions/fees may apply.) Wine basket images are examples – the items in basket may vary. 

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Corporate Gifts – Branded/Promotional

We customize and work with many companies on their large-order wine, beer or spirit baskets. For corporate orders, fill out the form below or call Jessica Granatiero at 401-886-9463.


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