Sam’s Top 10 Selections

I have picked out some of my favorite wines, hard cider, gin and ready-to-drink cocktails that I enjoy all spring and summer long, whether I am at the beach, pool side or just hanging with friends and family grilling and socializing. It is really easy to drink the same wines or spirits, so I have been trying to explore new products and cocktail recipes. I love a ready-to-drink cocktail or hard cider, they are delicious and easy to bring to the beach or pool. I enjoy a crisp and dry Rose all summer long, Rose pairs with literally everything. We all know that I am obsessed with Oregon Pinot Noir, so it is no surprise I have some of them on my list, but I do venture out and enjoy a dry Burgundy Chardonnay and a juicy Italian red. And of course, I am a BIG fan of Champagne, the drier the better, and I am in love with the Bruno Paillard Rose, it is a beautiful Champagne for a toast or just to enjoy with friends on a sunny day. Do we really need an excuse to celebrate and drink Champagne?