Female-Owned Wineries We Love!

In honor of Women’s History Month, our female team members are sharing some of their favorite female-owned brands. These winemakers are shaking up the industry, bringing a unique perspective and expertise to their respective fields. Our gals have a respect and appreciation for what they do, and are excited to introduce you to these pioneers.

Jessica J. Lassalle Champagne

J. Lasalle has been in the same family for 80 years and its third generation Angeline Templier excels as its winemaker and continuing the legacy that her grandfather, grandmother and mother created. This Brut Champagne Preference rivals many large brands and gives us a beautiful, luxurious mouthfeel of fine bubbles, pears and toastiness. It’s made from the three Champagne grapes Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Life is short to drink bad Champagne and these tough women are showing us that too.

TülayE. Pira & Figli Barolo Via Nuova

Let’s visit Italy and meet one of the most fascinating winemaker I met while in Italy recently, Ciara Boschi. Chiara was born into wine since her family started back in 1761. From farming to making wine, she oversees all. Her Barolos deliveries what the region wants you to taste. Soft tannins and balance acidity makes this wine age for many years or enjoy it now. I will most likely pair this wine with lamb dishes. Cheers & Serefe!

SamKelley Fox Pinot Blanc

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelley a handful of times throughout the years, where she opened my eyes to some of her new releases – the Pinot Blanc and Rose Pinot Gris. Kelley started her winery in 2007 with her Father, Gus, producing just over 100 cases. Now, the production has grown to over 3,000 cases! Kelley focusing on making her wines biodynamic, paying attention to the moon and the planets and their always-changing relationships and energy throughout the year. Her wines have so much personality!

JenDefio Baga Claret Cans

Defio wines are the fruit of a friendship full of adventure and challenges between two friends – Sara Rodrigues Matos and Ana Sofia Oliveira. They created these low abv crushable natural wines that are fresh and vibrant made from the Baga grape. They named the wine Defio, which means challenge in Esperanto because they love travel and challenges. Serve slightly chilled.

Emma Chateau la Cardonne Bordeaux

While the Medoc region in Bordeaux has a history of women property managers, Magali Guyon was one of the first female winemakers in the region. She has presided over the fantastic Chateau La Cardonne for over 20 years, and is deeply involved in the process at each step. Unlike many other winehouses in Bordeaux, La Cardonne ages their wine on site in a giant underground cellar lovingly called “The Cathedral”. This ensures when it gets to us, it is perfectly ready to drink!

KatelynMassimago Garganega Allegra

The lively wine of Duchessa Allegra is both elegant and fruitful, with its vineyard born on a limestone’s bed. The first sip is bursting with grapefruit and floral notes, with a mouth presents of balsamic persistence. The Massimago wine company is a young one, and is ran by primarily young people, making it that much more youthful. I fell in love with it at the first pop of the cork and enjoy with friends and a charcuterie board.

Nicole – Domaine Bousquet Malbec Reserve

The Bousquet family had been farming in their homeland of France for three generations when a vacation lead them to stumble upon the scenic, remote, and arid terrain that would inspire their next venture. Mendoza – the ideal climate for nurturing organic farming and winemaking practices. With their respect and understanding on the terroir, and roots in viticulture, it is no surprise that this female and family vineyard is producing delicious wine! The Malbec Reserve is my favorite – soft, elegant, and full of beautiful flavor.

NikkiGooseneck Vineyards Prosecco

This is a delightful bubbly to enjoy with friends any time of year for any occasion. The bubbles are soft and delicate, with hints of citrus and apricot followed by a smooth, crisp finish. It pairs well with salty foods, seafood poultry and salads. The perfect aperitif! Fun fact: the proprietor retired from her job as a teacher to embark on her passion of winemaking!

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