FAQs About Our Engraving Services

We love working with clients to design one of a kind pieces for all of life’s celebrations. Our custom bottle and glassware engraving services create unique, personalized messages or logos on bottles of wine, spirits, glassware, slate and barware. Our in-house engraving specialist, Emma Nahod, makes the process quick, easy, and most importantly, fun! Her creativity, eye for detail, and talent shines through while she’s crafting these pieces. We sat down with her to watch her engrave an order, and chatted with her about some FAQs.

How many days notice do you need for an engraving order?

At least 72 hours would be appreciated, but we do our best to accommodate rush orders when possible.

Once you have the order, how long does it take to complete?

Once the order is in, the product is typically finished within 2-5 days depending on the size and intricacy of the order. 

What kind of items can I engrave? 

We have a ton of great, engrave-able items in the store! Most of the regular sized bottles can be engraved as long as the glass is smooth and there is space around the label (although I can remove the label if that’s ok with you). We also have glassware and slate and wood accessories that look fabulous engraved! Unfortunately due to size, we are unable to engrave shot glasses, martini glasses, or magnum bottles.

I’ve picked the item, what can I engrave on it?

I can work with text and graphics (no photographs) with whatever space is allowed – this is dependent on the item. We also an an array of some standard fonts and pre-made designs you can choose from. If you’re looking for something unique, we can work together on a custom design. My degree is in graphic design and I love helping people come up with the perfect design or image.

What kind of larger orders have you engraved for?

I have done large orders for weddings, universities, museums, and corporate events. Sometimes I’ll do bottles or glasses with a special message of the company logo. It makes it a little more special!

What’s been the biggest order you’ve completed?

My largest order so far was for 400 champagne bottles! 

What upcoming project are you looking forward to most?

Right now I am working on special wedding favors for a client’s bridal party. I really love being able to contribute to such a big day and help make it extra meaningful!

Shop our pre-engraved stemless glasses or order a custom piece below right online. Click here for engraved wine bottles or spirit bottles. Please reach out to Emma at (401) 886-9463, or via e-mail (emma@thesavorygrape.com) for larger orders or if a bottle you’re interested in isn’t shown above. Cheers!