Female-Owned Brands We Love: Women Supporting Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, our female team members are sharing some of their favorite female-owned brands. These winemakers, brewers and distillers are shaking up the industry, bringing a unique perspective and expertise to their respective fields. Our gals have a respect and appreciation for what they do, and are excited to introduce you to these pioneers. #WOMENSUPPORTINGWOMEN

Jessica’s Pick: Cantina Marilina – I simply love this winery and its story. Sisters Marilina and Frederica come together to produce authentic true wines of the area in southeastern Sicily in the province of Siracusa, where their father first bought the land. They pick everything by hand and it’s fermented in cement tanks, so an old ancient style. I love its freshness and dark berry notes of this Nero D’Avola, but the story of the sisters is what makes the wine better. It brings forth emotion to me. The sisters do the reverse at Cantina Marilina, hence the name Ruversa.

Tulay’s Pick: Partida Anejo! Owned by Sophia Partida and she is also the distiller! One of my favorite tequila during this beautiful spring months. This anejo tequila will bring some refined aromas of oak, chocolate, dry fruits and also have silky finish to it. A pleasant spice on the palate, it has flavors as such as agave, white oak, vanilla, and maple honey. This tequila house is owned and run by Sophia Partida and she is the one of the fewest female distiller in Mexico. Serefe!

Samantha’s Pick: I had the pleasure of visiting and helping with harvest at La Garagista Winery, in September 2016. La Garagista is located in Vermont, which is one of my favorite places to go skiing.  It was an amazing experience and very eye opening, from the winemaking process, bottling, farming and to everything in between. The owners are a husband and wife duo, Deirdre Heekin and Caleb Barber. After a long day working at the winery and stomping grapes, Caleb made us dinner and we drank some really great wine. Learning from Diedre was so inspirational, an amazing experience that I will never forget. Their wines are all natural, organic and limited in RI.

Jen’s Pick: I am loving Chateau La Cardonne Bordeaux right now, The winery is located in the Medoc on the left bank of Bordeaux, France.  I have tried three vintages from them, 2009, 2015 and the 2016, which we have in stock and I am loving the consistency with vintage variations. What I love about the wine is how well made it is, how well the wine ages and how drinkable it is.  The wine is made by Magali Guyon, she had been making wine at the winery for 20 years and has worked for many big names in Bordeaux.  She is a very thorough wine maker in that she vinifies each plot separately, she is in charge of both the vineyards and the winemaking and tastes the grapes throughout each day during harvest to decide when to pick, quite a remarkable lady.  This is my go-to Bordeaux when someone is looking for a great value, its 50% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Cabernet Franc, with a soft palate, the wine has plenty of character without being aggressive, smooth tannins and still has some fruit, delicious and elegant.

Emma’s Pick: My favorite right now is beer from Japas Cervejaria. The brewery was started by three Japanese-Brazilian women, Fernanda Ueno, Maíra Kimura, and Yumi Shimada, connected by a passion for beer and a deep reverence for their shared Japanese heritage. Eschewing stereotypical tropes and imagery, their beers combine traditional beer styles, such as pilsner, witbier, stout, and IPA  with flavors reminiscent of Japan, like matcha, miso, plum, and ginger. The flavors are perfectly balanced and never over the top or disruptive. Also, the labels are incredibly beautiful. These incredible women are killing the game and I highly recommend trying, well, anything you can find from them!

Nicole’s Pick: Founded by Kat Hantas, 21 Seeds was created right in her kitchen! Before it was a brand, she was infusing a handful of bottles with whatever fresh ingredients she had lying around – cucumbers, jalapeños, oranges, and grapefruit. All quintessential mixers for the perfect tequila cocktail, she had the idea to put it straight into the bottle. After introducing it to a few friends, she joined forces with her sister and best friend to bring the vision to life. Their mission is GIRLS CALL THE SHOTS, and to be honest, they really do! This brand is packed with flavor, girl power, and so much fun. My favorite is the cucumber + jalapeño tequila. It is super light, with big notes of refreshing cucumber and subtle spice. I add in some sparkling water and a big squeeze of lime for a quick and easy cocktail!

Katelyn’s Pick: Elizabeth Spencer is a women owned winery located in Rutherford, California –right outside of the Napa River. Their wines are a combination of deliciousness, elegant, and balanced, and give an intensity and power without having excess weight. My current favorite wine by them is their Sauvignon Blanc which is a light, refreshing and crisp white wine that encompasses the taste of stone fruit and green apples. I usually am enjoying this with a nice grilled salmon on a warm summer day. This is also my go to wine for any occasion, specifically a summer time sunset. 

Tori’s Pick: I’m currently loving Rhode Island Spirits and the Rhodium collection of gin + vodka. These products are made right here in Rhode Island by founders Cathy Plourde & Kara Larson – who are also the distillers! Their mission is to offer unique and inclusive flavors, while crafting gluten free, organic, and kosher products – all while serving as pioneers as female and LGBT entrepreneurs. All of their products are infused with botanical ingredients from local small farms. The Rhode Island Red Vodka is perfect for spring and summer. It’s made from tart cherries and cranberries from family bogs in New England. There’s also a touch of hibiscus, rosemary and cane added. Add in some sparkling water and a splash of lemonade for a fun twist on a Cape Codder cocktail.

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